Mission Statement

We are a group of citizens that have come together in order to be prepared for action when a crisis arises. We encourage each other to anticipate threats, think about our actions and the consequences of what we do or fail to do and we train accordingly.


We must take action because we cannot prepare by simply thinking and talking about what we see happening;


Because we know that preparations fail without continual training;


Because we live in communities and cannot prepare & train adequately unless we work together.


Our motto is "Action not reaction!"

Our goal is to help each other to develop situational awareness and promote skill in the use of arms while maintaining a mindset that fosters defense of ourselves and others.

What do we mean by REALITY BASED TRAINING?

Reality One: The mind is our primary tool for self-defense. Firearms are also a tool but the risks of carrying a firearm outweigh the benefits without training in safe handling, storage and use.

Reality Two: Tools need to be maintained therefore we need to think actively about our responses in advance and then act .thoughtfully during an emergency that may require an immediate response.

Reality Three: Use of force requires a mindset by which we respond immediately and effectively and that our response is correct for the circumstances.

Reality Four: Conveying a positive public perception towards armed citizens is important because misperceptions can contribute to the potential for chaos during a crisis. Thus, we will aim for opportunities to interact positively with local police and other public agencies and the news media and remain free of taking political positions.

Reality Five: We are committed to monthly "live-fire events" that may consist of simunitions or other Reality-Based simulated lethal force technology, shooting on the move and making real-time decisions related to use of force. Developing marksmanship and the ability to deploy lethal force under stress with follow up in the form of after-action reports is critical. We will endeavor to provide training scenarios that will develop fundamental skills and also provide training for the more advanced shooter and/or a security team,

One example of Reality-Based training:

Set up a restaurant scene with people and tables. We want to see how you enter a room, seat selection, observation of environment and then respond during a shoot /don't shoot scenario involving actors with possible deployment of a SIRT pistol or other training tool. The group will evaluate your response and actions taken. We might utilize a parking lot or empty building.

ACTION TRAINING GROUP, INC.(www.actiontraininggroup.org) offers individuals and groups with various levels of experience an opportunity to maintain and develop self-defense skills at our own pace, in a supportive environment that fosters growth. We formed ACTION TRAINING GROUP, INC to give members practical opportunities to develop and maintain self-defense proficiency.

The skills we promote include but are not limited to presentation from the holster, movement, low-light, stress reloads, making critical "shoot" or "don't shoot" decisions, using cover and concealment, home defense, and more.

We develop scenarios that are usually not available for practice at a typical range unless you are a student in a class or a competitive shooter. As a group, we contract with local ranges to book the whole range, and run the whole event with our own Range Safety Officers and drills that we will help develop based on the needs of our members and participating groups.

We offer public workshops and community outreaches open to everyone. We also present regular live-fire and Reality Based Training events. Whether you want to learn more about self-defense, develop your handgun skills, or just maintain and share your skills in a congenial setting, you should come and see what we have to offer!