We present live-fire drills and seminars in a classroom setting that often entail physically countering an attacker using various tools and techniques. Our ATG live-fire drills are most often designed as shoot-on-the-move action shooting scenarios. The courses of fire may include shooting from cover, multiple target engagement, shoot/no-shoot scenarios, pressure drills, low light drills, and other Reality Based Training exercises. We want members of the ACTION TRAINING GROUP to let us know what kind of scenarios you think will develop the group's ability to counter threats of deadly force..

Our regular practices are designed for novices and advanced shooters. Your experienced ATG members will provide assistance and mentoring to those who request it. Members will have opportunities to demonstrate skills and techniques for others. Most events will be member-led and member-instructed. We are not a shooting school. Our members, however, are committed to helping each other in every way possible. Our primary objective is to stimulate each other's thinking processes in order to plan how we will act before a threat materializes and then carry out an effective plan.

What To Bring to a Live-Fire event?

Bring your unloaded, cased firearms, eye protection, ear protection, a cap-style hat with a bill that extends over your shooting glasses, ammunition for your firearm, and a holster for your firearm. Your holster must be strong-side, muzzle-down, and should be stiff enough that you can safely reholster with only a single hand. At least two extra magazines, a magazine belt pouch, and a tactical flashlight are also recommended equipment, but not required. We recommend attendees bring 100 to 200 rounds of ammunition. Most indoor ranges have retail counters and rent eye and ear protection and sell ammunition.

The ATG provides targets, target stands, cover, and event materials.

You are welcome to bring your regular concealed carry firearm with you to the event, but please leave it holstered until you are instructed to clear your weapon by our a Range Safety Officer. We run our events as a Cold Range, meaning firearms must be always be unloaded and left cased or holstered until you are at the line and instructed to load and make ready.

Here is a short video of our first action shoot at Fernan Rod and Gun Club

New Shooter 101

If you are a new shooter, our friends at Armed Defense Training Association in Federal Way Washington have created some excellent information and videos you may find helpful. Please take a look here.